I'll bet you thirty dollars I can get to Boston faster than you can.

Let's suck down some brewskis and have a good time!

It is impossible to speak too severely of his conduct.

Ken has not washed the car yet.

Since when are you two on a first name basis?


We hardly have time to eat breakfast.

Konrad wants to begin the process of making amends.

I wish I could figure out how to get Jackye to like me.

Just leave my house.

The principal called and said you weren't at school today.

What else do you think they're planning to do?

Must I answer in English?

Somebody could get hurt.

Cyrus did twenty pushups.

I don't like to use Google Translator.

You're the perfect girlfriend.

I need some medicine to kill the pain.

I just got out of prison three months ago.

He is breathing hard.

When the judge speaks, everyone in the courtroom listens.

I'm just looking out for myself.

It is just an annoying little habit that I have.

The Treasurer's budget speech was punctuated by regular shouts of "Hear, hear!" from members on his side of the House.

In no way does the fact that a text was written by a native speaker guarantee that it is any good.


He has the lead in the race.

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Do you feel like eating something?


Don't let Skeeter sit here.

You're so adorable.

The guests prepared for their departure and packed their suitcases noisily.

I was quite upset.

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

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We're shaken.

I think they'd be a perfect match for each other.

Where will you put it?


They cancelled the festival.


I did this for my son.

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My dog was taken care of by Lucy.

I could swim faster when I was young.

Masanobu and I are just friends.

He could not restrain his excitement.

She has as fine a figure as I have ever seen.

We have a busy week ahead of us.

Konstantinos asked Saumya to stop the car.

Mum is busy working.

Some of us hate it.

I'm an experienced fogey in tiredness.

What is the cause of the fire?

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I'll meet you by the elevators.

She's at the hotel now.

My conjunctivitis is chronic.

Brodie came to speak to Niall.

I don't really think so.

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I forgot my credit card at home.


The twins helped.

I can see your book.

I just came by to see how you were.

I am imitating the President.

He nodded to her to come along.

That never happens here in Boston.

What do you wish to order, gentlemen?

His report was truthful.

Hurry up. Otherwise, we'll be late to lunch.

If I had wanted your opinion, I would have asked for it.

Most swimmers shave their body hair.

We want to know.

Noam might help if you asked him to.

I didn't see anybody following us.

Do you want to know what this is about?


He was made captain.

These photos have come out very well.

That was our first encounter.

I put my fingers in my ears to block out the terrible sounds.

The champion was welcomed by large crowds.

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The girl as well as her parents was very sympahtetic.

Vernon knows Joachim lied.

Granville is blackmailing me.


You're supposed to be helping me.

Let's always tell each other the truth.

In spite of the fact that he's 38, he's still dependent on his parents.

Juliet said he had something for you.

Everyone may go home.


Let me know immediately if you have a problem.

Jean doesn't look like a child anymore.

They were members of the local governments.


There was no objection on his part.

Dan is now wanted by the police.

The departure is tomorrow.

You will soon get accustomed to living in this country.

I was thinking about buying a new camera.

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I'll try to keep up with them.

Where can I find her?

I won't plead guilty.

Give me some details.

Whom did he have in mind?


Is there a mileage charge?

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Should I have a lawyer?

Where would you like me to park the car?

I want everyone here to help.

I think you've been trying to contact us.

Goodbye. I'll see you at the time we agreed on.

I'm not smart.

The general lived the rest of his life peacefully after his retirement.

Arlene wore a pink blouse.

The hill looks low from here.


Whose camera is this?


There are sentences which everybody knows.

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I didn't think about what I was doing.

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Today, I want to run on the beach.

It doesn't matter to me whether or not I make money doing this.

Diane forgot to tell Swamy what he had planned to tell her.


She was tricked into doing it.

Paola's car was stuck in the mud.

Stuart and me talked at length about this subject.

Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe.

Tell them we're coming.

I told you to stay here.

Tran may have been right.

The area around the melting ice cream was crawling with ants.

He gave me a fierce look.


You enjoyed doing that, didn't you?

He's just trying to get attention.

I've never trusted her and I never will.

Murray has a daughter named Bruno.

Stanislaw is a very well-respected astronomer.

She's not sure he wants to do this.

This bus is the one we've been waiting for.

These photos have been shopped.

If you don't understand, ask.

Danny told me to ask Cory.

The train had already left when they got to the station.

Where does this bus take you?

It is a name.


Anderson said he'd be busy until 2:30.

Dalton says he's gotten complaints about you drinking.

I haven't talked about this in a long time.

I've never done this kind of thing before.

Her coloring book lay limp, jagged with angular pink scribbles.

Roberto goes to the same school as Geoffrey does.

I have to be someplace else at 2:30.

Yesterday I put on a hat as it was very cold.

I don't speak Arabic.

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Why don't you turn it off?

Obviously he speaks English, but he can even speak Spanish.

I cannot drink this. I don't know what it is.

I share a room with Patty.

Hamilton filled her bucket with sand using a plastic shovel.

Do you know anybody who can teach my kids French?

You belong on another planet.

Willie could use some sleep.

Kriton is a scrawny kid.


Our train already left.

This is a hilarious story!

She got wet when he started caressing her breasts.


Could not find the right menu option in the ATM.

I'll tear a page out from that book.

Careful! Emotional dependency is not synonymous with love!

I have a lot of things that I must deal with.

Can you tell me what is the capital of Texas ?

I saw my neighbor's dog running around in the yard.

Jiri wondered why soybean prices were dropping.

I have a friend whose father is a teacher.

Nobody saw me.

I thought Jayant was going to make breakfast.

We miss you so much.

Patience is the key.

I'm pleased with Spass's performance.

Phiroze seems to be getting nervous.

Kirsten has had the same girlfriend for the last three years.

The room is very cold.

As a matter of fact, I think he's a nice guy.